Our Vision, Mission, Objective, and Values.

In many of our leadership sessions over the past several years, the importance of having a vision for your individual leadership role as well as your department has been discussed and encouraged.  The vision for the Learning and Leadership Development team is quite simple as you can see in the following:

Learning and Leadership hierarchy of needs


It is our desire to be first and best in class for talent management programs.  We desire to be a team that other organizations seek out to establish their best practices.  We will accomplish this through strong collaboration, networking, branding, and keeping our internal team talent strong.


Our mission is to create (and sustain) a learning culture for all areas throughout the system.  This simply means we want to create an environment in which you will be as passionate and engaged about learning as we are!  We want you to own your training and development, not just show up at a class.  We recognize in order to do that, we have to create engaging content and make it applicable to your workplace.


Our objectives are to exceed your expectations every time you participate in a live class or eLearning.  We want you to be successful; therefore, we want to provide you development tools necessary for your success.  To do these things effectively, we must be excellent in all we do.  Our content, delivery and customer service must be, without fail, 100% best in class at all times.


Lastly, our values will guide everything we do.  Integrity will be our guiding principle and will be the cornerstone of our authenticity.  We will be innovative and constantly searching for ways to improve our processes, we will be dependable in exceeding timeframes for completion of work and lastly, we will be passionate in our work.  All of these will be demonstrated with excellence that will carry us forward to providing high quality distance and live educational opportunities.

Once again, welcome to our website. If there is anything you’d like to see featured or if you have any feedback at all, please drop us a comment.  Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

All the best,

The Learning and Leadership Development Team