Halfway ThereWelcome to the last half of 2021! I wanted to share some more exciting news from our department and a variety of things you can expect from us before the end of the year. We continue to work towards making our department a solid resource for all our employees. We can only do that with your help. Therefore, please share our information and encourage employees to sign up for classes.

Retention: Through our partnership with Talent Acquisition, we will be piloting a retention initiative at two of our locations beginning in August. This will include a retention committee at each location as well as a comprehensive training program. We will also be providing some “boots on the ground” consultancy work with specific departments or areas where the greatest need exists. Provided all goes as expected, you can expect to see this in other locations soon thereafter. Speaking of retention, we realize we are not in a “one size fits all” organization; therefore, what are your retention plans for your area? If you haven’t committed it to writing, I highly encourage you to do so. Studies show that once you commit goals to writing, they’re more likely to be attained. Be intentional about your retention and employee engagement initiatives.

Hybrid Learning: Our learning management team has been working hard to create a hybrid training offering. We realize some folks love zoom while others … not so much. Therefore, we’ll soon be able to offer the best of both worlds. Once we’re able to host students, we’ll have a small student population and also a zoom audience. This will allow for greater interactivity with zoom participants as well as an in-person feel. We have successfully tested this and will be launching our first hybrid class in July.

Leadership Development Plans: Given than we’re half way through 2021, have you recently reviewed your leadership development plan? Now is a great time to do a mid-year check to see what needs to be modified and it’s also a great re-set to keep you focused.

New Classes: You have spoken and we have listened! We are adding 4 new classes around Time Management, PowerPoint, Effective Meetings and Facilitation Skills, and Strategic Planning. These classes have been created based off of the feedback we receive from our participants. Therefore, please continue to offer your suggestions and feedback so we can provide what you need.

Leadership Roundtable: Our leadership roundtables have been a huge success with more than 100 participants. Our upcoming roundtable will discuss employee engagement. Be sure to attend!

As we are moving towards more in person meetings, classes, etc., we look forward to actually seeing you in the near future. If our department can be of service to you, please reach out. We desire to provide best in class leadership and development resources for you and would love the opportunity to partner with you and your team.
Thank you from all of us in LLD! We look forward to a successful remainder of 2021!