Social Responsibility

If you work in healthcare it’s likely you already have a strong sense of social responsibility. Assuming responsibility and giving time, effort and/or money for the well-being and positive impact of others is social responsibility.

You may know some leaders that are quick to notice and understand what’s happening with their team. You may see them pause and let employees share their experiences and needs, they may jump in and help their team stuff envelopes, change bed sheets, or serve food. They mentor, and go beyond the limits of the usual job at work. They build an atmosphere of collaboration and responsibility among their team and with other teams they partner with.

Taking this outside the work environment you may mentor children in your neighborhood or an impoverished neighborhood, you may do yard work for an elderly neighbor, bake a cake for someone for no particular reason, recycle, clear trails in the Great Smoky Mountains, or volunteer on a civic or not-for-profit committee.

Social awareness, social management, empathy, interpersonal skills, and optimism are needed skills in order to effectively participate in socially responsible activities which lead to self-actualization.

Things to do: Consider how you currently serve others. Are there other ways you can make an impact for your neighbors or in your community?

For more ideas, contact Covenant Health’s Office of Philanthropy at 865-531-5210.

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