When you think of the term “self-actualization” you might think of Maslow’s hierarchy. The level where a person reaches his/her full potential. What’s most interesting is that it’s not about impressing others. Rather it is a full acceptance of ourselves – our faults and limitations, as well as our skills and talents.

Self-actualized individuals have an inner drive to be creative in all aspects of their lives, they are true to themselves, have deep relationships, live a life of gratitude, are independent and resourceful, and view life as a mission for purposes greater than themselves.

What is something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet? I had always thought I wanted to play the guitar so, a few years ago, I began taking lessons. It didn’t take long before I realized it was not really for me – at least now I know.

When you make efforts to stretch yourself you’ll strengthen your abilities. The risk in not practicing this is a feeling of dissatisfaction with life and feelings of being untrue to yourself.

Practicing self-actualization impacts several other EI components such as: happiness, optimism, self-regard, independence, social responsibility, assertiveness, and emotional self-awareness.

Things to do: Consider what embers are in your heart and consider how you can stir the fire and begin to take steps towards trying those things you’ve always wanted to do. Take at least one step a week towards actualizing your dreams.

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