Reality TestingReality Testing can help us steer clear of disappointments and unexpected losses. We can look at this EI component a couple of ways 1) not living in the present or 2) believing something that isn’t reality.

If you find yourself always looking back to “I have always done it this way” or looking forward to “when I get…, then I’ll…” then you may not be seeing things in the now moment, as they truly are.

 Things to practice: The next time you’re making a decision check to see if you are only comparing to the past, only looking to the future, or if you’re weighing in on the present. Talk with a coach or mentor about the situation to get a different perspective.

You may have learned something in life that has impacted your beliefs. For example, if you are a woman and you learned as a child that women are weak that could have had a negative impact on your self-regard, independence, and self-actualization. The stories we carry in our minds can obstruct reality.

 Things to practice: Take time to study topics that you have believed that may have been a hindrance to you. From the example above, study historical figures like Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks, or Mother Teresa to test your reality.

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