It’s important to know how to keep yourself and others safe, especially when traveling to and from work. Review and share these safety tips with your coworkers to help keep yourself safe!

1. Don’t be predictable
– Vary the times you come and go
– Vary your routes to work, school, gym and errands

2. Study your space
– Know what is normal in your neighborhood or where you go to work
– Knowing what is normal will help you notice changes

3. Go with your gut
– Don’t ignore that “gut feeling” — there is a reason we have that internal alert system

4. Utilize situational awareness
– Don’t focus entirely on your phone, reading a book or anything else that takes your attention away from your surroundings
– Consider not wearing headphones while out walking or jogging because you cannot hear what is going on around you
– Predators look for opportunities to take advantage of distracted people

5. Keep the keys
– Keep your keys in hand when going to your car, home, or office, and ready to unlock the door

6. Small things matter
– Keep a small flashlight with you to stay safe in the dark
– If you need to attract attention, scream “HELP!

7. Don’t be clueless
– When you walk to your car, home or store, keep your head up and notice your surroundings
– Avoid texting while walking
– Always walk near the curb and away from alleyways and doorways
– Always remain alert to your surroundings and walk with purpose, making quick eye contact with everyone you pass

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