Interpersonal RelationshipsIf someone rated the quality of your interpersonal relationships on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being “outstanding,” how do you think you would score?
Interpersonal relationships require that you intimately give and receive with openness, honesty, and self-sacrifice. Healthy interpersonal relationships are mutually satisfying, meaningful and close. A real test of whether or not your relationships are healthy is knowing if people look forward to seeing you or look for ways to avoid you.

This is a complex EI component because it requires mutuality between you and others. If skillfully utilized it can impact other components such as happiness, self-regard, self-actualization, and stress tolerance.

If you’re not sure how you’re doing in this area, ask a trusted friend to give you honest feedback. Then, focus on what YOU can do differently, not what you think they need to do.

Things to do: Think of at least one person that you believe you need to develop a healthy interpersonal relationship with. Invite them to lunch or just for a meeting and let them know you want to develop a relationship. You might want to start by sharing your PDP results and asking to see theirs. Take the time to learn what’s important to them and how they prefer to communicate.

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