HybridFor those who have a long commute to CenterPoint campus or those who enjoy learning online, our Learning, Leadership and Development classes will soon be transitioning to in-person but don’t fret. We have a new opportunity of you! Soon you’ll have the ability to enroll in a course designed to include participants on Zoom within a classroom. What does this mean? There will be a course designated to include a certain number of people in a classroom AND include those that want to participate on Zoom. You will have the opportunity to attend select classes online as if you were there in the classroom.
Colleges and universities around east Tennessee have already implemented this within some of their classes and have called it a “Hybrid Course.” To keep things simple, we will also call this a “Hybrid Course” so that all who enroll will know what is to be expected.

What you’ll see online:
If enrolled in a hybrid course, you will attend the course online using Zoom. You will see the course instructor with either a white board or the projector screen behind them. The course instructor will share their PowerPoint screen through Zoom and may use the in-class whiteboard displayed on camera.

What you’ll see in-person:
If you have enrolled in an in-person course, you will experience a normal classroom setting with a few changes. You will see a large TV in the back of the room with a camera, microphone and desk to host the Hybrid attendees. The TV will display the Zoom classmates and can be heard from the speakers in the classroom.

Be on the lookout for this new opportunity coming soon!

No matter how we see each other, we look forward to having you learn, grow and lead with us together again!