Tea Cup“I’m tired!”

This seems to be a frequent comment from folks.  If it’s not voiced, you can see it in their eyes.  People are tired!  Tired of Covid, tired of social hostility, tired of division, tired of politics, tired of being tired and tired of 2020!  Back in the good ole’ “normal” days when we weren’t going through “a 2020,” this season has historically brought about certain stressors, tiredness, and fatigue.  This year though – everything is heightened – including our stressors, tiredness, and fatigue.  In our quick tips for the month of December, we’re focusing on stress reduction.  While this may seem a huge ask right now, doing one thing different may be where you begin to find some peace.  I encourage you to check out our quick tips for more information.

I don’t pretend to know the burdens of our bedside staff, especially right now.  I can only speak from my vantage point and what I hear from those at the bedside.  However, one thing we all know is that it’s very difficult to pour from an empty cup.  Now more than ever, it’s essential that you keep your own cup filled so you can help others.  In the moments where you’re continuously being asked to give, take the opportunity to find the beauty in the smallest of things, take time to fill your spiritual needs, connect with friends and loved ones that pour into you.  Then you will have something to pour out to others.  Many do not need grand gestures; often opening a door, smiling (with your eyes), saying thank you, expressing empathy, offering to assist in some way … these little things add up and can potentially have lasting impact on others. 

So in these moments, give special consideration to others.  Show your appreciation for them.  Be kind.  Please and thank you are always appreciated.  In doing these small things, you are pouring into the cups of others.  In return, others will ensure your cup is never empty through their own small and simple gestures.

Stay well!