As the holiday season approaches and we participate more time online shopping and gathering gift ideas, it’s important to protect our information. Here are five tips on protecting yourself from cybercriminals this holiday season:

1. Be suspicious of potential disinformation – Verify information is correct before you share anything on social media.

2. Don’t click on advertisements – Only shop from trusted retailer websites. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

3. Beware of fake delivery notifications – If you receive a notification for an unexpected delivery, don’t click the link unless you’ve confirmed the purchase is real.

4. Be careful downloading apps – Only download apps from your device’s certified app store. Confirm the publisher is trusted and if in doubt, don’t install it.

5. Monitor bank account and credit card activity – Turn on alerts to notify you of activities such as large purchases or international transactions. Call your bank or card issuer by using the phone number on the card if you notice anything suspicious.

Stay cyber-safe this holiday season!


Information courtesy of KnowBe4 Inc.