Nurse and Non-verbal CommunicationsBody Language and Non-verbal Communication – Available Early 2021

Covenant Health LLD is happy to announce the newest addition to our course catalog. What are They Really Saying. This course is a body language and non-verbal communications class that is based on the twenty-plus years of research and experience of former FBI agent and non-verbal communications expert, Joe Navarro. The students will learn how to identify and analyze the involuntary signals sent by the limbic brain through non-verbal communications. 

What are They Really Saying helps the student understand how to recognize comfort and discomfort cues displayed by those around them. It also covers the cardinal rules of observation which include:

  1. Being a competent observer
  2. Observing non-verbal communication in context
  3. Determining whether behavior is limbic or cultural
  4. Determining whether the behaviors you seeing unique to the individual?
  5. Looking for clusters of behaviors
  6. Identifying normal behaviors and getting a baseline reading.
  7. Observing whether behaviors have changed
  8. Looking for the most immediate reactions
  9. Ensuring you are not being intrusive during your observation
  10. Categorizing unusual behaviors as either signs of comfort or discomfort

Finally, the student will be shown how to use these valuable skills in there every day work environment to better serve their patients and fellow co-workers. If you are interested in enrolling in this course, please visit the course page to register.