Assertiveness Have you ever been in a meeting when you had a strong opinion about what was being discussed but you didn’t speak up? Perhaps you didn’t want your emotions to escalate, or perhaps you didn’t use Assertiveness. Being assertive allows you to express your point of view effectively.  Without a healthy level of assertiveness you may miss out on an opportunity or agree to something you really don’t want to do.  At the same time, it’s critical to also respect the opinions of others.  Keep in mind, there’s a line between assertiveness, passiveness, and aggression. 

Assertiveness ties to other EI components such as self-regard and independence.

Things to do: Look for opportunities to practice using assertiveness. You may find that you hold back with certain people – ask yourself why and work on stepping it up. If you’re a person that tends to be more aggressive, ask someone to begin watching your interactions and give you feedback as you tone it down.

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