Embrace the Power of Incremental Improvement

Enacting sweeping personal and professional changes can be difficult. Instead of trying to fix everything at once, why not focus on making incremental improvements instead?  One way to facilitate this is to employ the 1st 50 tool to manage your development. The concept is simple. Commit to enacting and documenting one incremental improvement each day, for 50 days. Some examples might be:1st 50

  • Instead of going home and watching TV, I am going to learn something new today.
  • I am going to ask my leader to manage our next department project.
  • Instead of spending my entire lunch period in my office, I am going to go walk after I eat.
  • I am going to acknowledge everyone I see by simply saying hi or good morning.
  •  I will make an effort to get to know that co-worker I have never really gotten along with.

You will be proud of the progress you realize after completing your 1st 50. After you complete your 1st 50, why not start on your 2nd 50? Don’t lose the momentum while you have it!  Download the 1st 50 Worksheet.

Educational Opportunity

1st 50 is part of the newly developed Leading Without a Title course. This course is intended for employees who are not currently in a leadership role at Covenant. If you are currently in a leadership role, please encourage your employees to enroll today. Click here for More information about the Leading Without a Title course

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