Classes are offered exclusively to Covenant Health Employees, unless otherwise specified.

All LLD classes have been categorized by both program and path. A path defines whether a specific course is intended for those currently in a leadership role or whether they are available for any Covenant employee to attend. The program field is used to define the courses that are included within a specific Covenant development program.  LEAP New Leaders, LEAP Supervisors/Shift and Team Leads, and Emerging leaders are a few examples of an existing LLD program. Please note that many of our classes can be included in multiple programs and paths.

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Strategic Planning and Ideation – Facilitator Training

Strategic Planning and Ideation – Facilitator Training This class teaches the same tools as those used in the workshop but doesn’t require team participation. In the facilitator training, you will learn the skills and tools necessary to lead your team through the strategic planning process. Some of the tools taught are: Five Whys Empathy maps 

Target Image

August 12, 2022

Facilitating a Team Problem-solving/Ideation Event

This class prepares the student to facilitate a group problem-solving event. 

Team Problem-solving

May 31, 2022

Strategic Planning and Ideation – Team Workshop

You will learn what a strategic plan is, isn’t, and how to work together as a group to develop your plan. This includes the identification of department barriers, root cause analysis, Ideation techniques, and the development of SMART goals that will help guide you to your department’s vision. You have two options, you can bring your team to a hands-on workshop or take the individual facilitator class.  

Strategic Planning Image

July 6, 2021

What’s the Point? Building Dynamic Presentations in PowerPoint

In this full-day class, you’ll learn simple techniques for delivering powerful presentations. Some things you’ll learn in this course are: creative use of visual aids and interactions, best practices for creating slides, and effective use of PowerPoint’s tools. 


Making Meetings Matter

Have you ever spent an hour (or more) in a meeting and left wishing you could have that time back? Do you hold meetings that drain your energy and leave you wondering if you’re wasting your time? Do you believe most meetings are unproductive? 

Bad Meeting

July 1, 2021

Leading Without a Title

This leadership course was developed specifically for employees who are not currently in a leadership role at Covenant. It covers the important qualities of a leader, self-analysis, and methods the employee can use to continuously improve their leadership skills. 

Four Stages of Leadership

March 31, 2021

All Things Harassment

This class will provide a thorough understanding of harassment as governed by employment laws and company policy. This class focuses not only on understanding the law; yet, what to do when you recognize a challenge. 


March 2, 2021

Understanding Your PDP Results

Professional DynaMetric Program (PDP) is a behavioral assessment that measures the dynamics of an individual by focusing on four cornerstones of behavior. Ultimately these behavioral styles culminate to form our personality. The assessment identifies motivators and shows how environmental factors affect stress, energy and satisfaction levels. An emphasis is placed on how you accomplish tasks, communicate, your leadership style, motivators / de-motivators, mental energy level, and behavioral satisfaction. 

PDP Image

Leadership Roundtable

Our Leadership Roundtable is designed to provide an opportunity for leaders to ask questions, share best practices, share challenges, and ideas for solutions. 

January 20, 2021

What are They Really Saying? Body Language and Non-verbal Communications

This course is based on the twenty-plus years of research and experience of former FBI agent and non-verbal communications expert, Joe Navarro. The student will learn how to identify and analyze the involuntary signals sent by the limbic brain through non-verbal communications. 

Body language

January 1, 2021

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